• 2016-2017 Class Schedule

    ClassAges/GradesMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
    Baby Dance2 Year Olds6:00-6:30 Mondays6:30-7:00 Wednesdays
    Pre-Dance3 Year Olds6:30-7:00 Mondays 6:00-6:30 Tuesdays 6:00-6:30 Wednesdays 7:00-7:30 Thursdays
    Creative I 4-5 Year Olds7:00-7:30 Wednesdays FULL6:00-6:30 Thursdays FULL
    Creative Dance I & II4-6 Year Olds7:30-8:00 Mondays 6:30-7:00 Tuesdays
    Creative Dance II5-6 Year Olds5:30-6:00 Wednesdays6:30-7:00 Thursdays
    Tap 4-5 Year Olds7:00-7:30 Mondays 7:30-8:00 Wednesdays FULL
    Tap BeginningK-2nd Grade 4:30-5:00 Tuesdays
    Tap Advanced1st-3rd Grade6:15-6:45 Wednesdays5:15-5:45 Thursdays
    Tap 2nd YearK-1st Grade6:00-6:30 Wednesdays
    Tap5-7 Year Olds with Experience5:15-5:45 Mondays5:30-6:00 Tuesdays
    Tap2nd-4th Grade with Experience6:00-6:30 Tuesdays
    Tap3rd-5th Grade with Experience5:45-6:30 Mondays7:30-8:00 Thursdays
    Tap4th-6th Grade7:00-7:30 Tuesdays
    Tap5th-7th Grade7:00-7:30 Wednesdays
    TapMiddle School and High School7:00-7:30 Wednesdays
    TapOlder Beginner7-7:30 Mondays
    Pre-BalletK-2nd Grade 4:30-5:15 Mondays4:45-5:30 Wednesdays6:30-7:15 Thursday FULL
    Pre-JazzK-2nd Grade5:15-6:00 Mondays5:30-6:15 Wednesdays5:45-6:30 Thursdays FULL
    Adaptive Dance (special needs)Ages 5-10 5:30-6:15 Wednesdays
    Ballet3rd-5th Grade6:30-7:30 Mondays
    Ballet3rd-4th Grade6:30-7:30 Tuesdays FULL
    BalletMiddle School and High School 7:30-8:30 MondaysEmailEmailEmail
    Jazz3rd-5th Grade7:30-8:30 Mondays6:30-7:30 Thursdays
    Jazz 5th-7th Grade7:30-8:30 Wednesdays
    JazzMiddle School & High School7:30-8:30 Wednesdays
    Hip HopK-2nd Grade5:00-5:30 Tuesdays
    Hip Hop2nd-5th Grade6:00-6:30 Mondays FULL5:30-6:00 Tuesdays
    Hip Hop4th-6th Grade6:30-7 Tuesdays
    Hip HopMiddle-High School6:30-7:00 Wednesdays
    Boys Hip Hop1st-12th Grade7:30-8:00 Thursdays
    Adult Barre FitnessAdult7:30-8:30 Tuesdays
  • Dates Closed

    Holiday/Reason For ClosureDate(s)
    Labor Day Monday, September 5 (made up Monday, November 21)
    Thanksgiving Break November 22-25
    Winter Break December 19-January 8
    Spring Break March 27-April 1
    Memorial Day Monday, May 29