straub dance center performing arts company

Performing Arts Company

The Straub Dance Center Performing Arts Company (PAC) is dedicated to the advancement of dancers. More than 100 Straub Dancers, age six and above, belong to the Straub PAC. Productions, lines, groups, duos, and solos compete locally and nationally each year in the forms of tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, musical theatre, open, lyrical, and contemporary.

Belonging to the PAC often leads to faster advancement for serious dancers. PAC members often develop lifelong friendships (both among dancers and parents), are able to supplement dance education during competition master classes and learn from watching different dance centers from across the country compete. The Straub PAC is truly a mini-family within the Straub community.

Straub Dancers have been winning state and national top awards with Ohio’s Dance Masters, Dance Masters of America, KAR, Legacy, Rainbow, OnStage America, ShowBiz, and more since the early 1990s. In 2016, McKenzie McGrath was named first runner-up to Miss Dance of Ohio, was named Miss KAR and Miss World Class, and placed top overall for senior solos at Dance Masters of America; in 2017, McKenzie was crowned Miss Dance of Ohio and Distinguished Young Woman of Ohio. McKenzie is now in her third year as a New York City Rockette. Also on Broadway was Barbara Jo Bednarczuk (“My Fair Lady”).  Maria Dalanno (“Mrs. Doubtfire”) and Beth Johnson Nicely (“Chicago”) are current performers. Straub has trained four Rockettes and countless professional dancers.

In March of 2019, dozens of students were recognized at the Ohio Dance Masters Scholarship Program which recognizes technical dance training. Delaney Podracky, age 12, was awarded top overall in four scholarship subjects and Caroline Straub Kiefaber, age 13, was awarded top overall in four subjects. In May, senior performer Alyssa Ranney was awarded Miss Legacy for her outstanding solo performance. In July of 2019, eight Straub PAC numbers were asked to the Grand National Championship in Atlanta, Georgia and the “Teen PAC Tap Line” was awarded top large line in the nation. In 2021, Straub again was awarded the Top Teen Line in the nation at the Dance Masters of America competition in Texas.  Straub groups, lines, production, duos, and solos also received numerous platinum and elite top firsts as well as costume and technical special awards throughout the 2020-2021 competition season. The Straub PAC members are always acknowledged by judges for strong, technical dances with appropriate choreography and costuming. We are so very proud of all of our competitors!

Straub Dance Center usually competes three times each year within the state of Ohio and once nationally. In recent years, Straub’s PAC has competed in Columbus, Cleveland, Youngstown, and Dayton, and, nationally, in Orlando, New Orleans, Atlanta, Anaheim, San Antonio, and Nashville.

Extra Performances
Straub PAC Dancers are often asked to perform at many, local extra performances. Such performances may include participating in parades, church performances, sporting events entertainment (the “Harlem Globetrotters” and Blue Jackets), the Westerville Music and Arts Festival, and more. Many students record performances as volunteer time on National Honors Society or scholarship applications.

More Information
Dancers and/or parents who are interested in joining the Straub Performing Arts Company are recommended to first contact the dance center regarding registering for dance lessons with the Center. Suzy Straub, Artistic Director is the company’s primary choreographer and PAC organizer. Please contact the center through the contact us form available on this site.

Try-outs for PAC are held each June/July and require attendance to the Straub Summer Dance Program.  Students are required to attend ballet during summer dance and whatever form of dance he or she is interested in auditioning for (example: if a dancer is interested in auditioning for jazz competition, he or she must enroll in at least one ballet class and one jazz class during summer dance and attend each lesson; if a dancer is interested in auditioning for tap competition, he or she must enroll in at least one ballet class and one tap class during summer dance and attend each lesson). To compete in ballet or jazz competition, dancers must be able to hold a left and right split.  third