Reviews from Friends

"I just want to give you all a huge thank you and congratulations! I had guests in from out of town that have never been to a recital before and relatives from in town that haven’t been to a recital since I danced - a long time ago. They were so impressed, as am I every year. I am so proud to tell people that my daughter is a Straub Dancer – you are a class act! Thank you again for another fantastic year."

“It's a credit to your philosophy of teaching and to your confidence that you encourage your students to expand by having so many different experiences.”

“Emotional weekend ahead! Last Dance Recital Saturday. Wouldn’t want to spent the last 15 year with anyone or anywhere else. Straub has provided me with friendships and opportunities which makes me who I am today. Truly blessed to have had Suzy as not only a dance teacher, but a role model. Excited to dance a final time with my best friends!”

“The recital was wonderful. It is fun to see the progression of her dance and doing something she loves to do. ”

“We are fortunate to have a dance studio of your caliber in our community. Your dancers are noticeably well-trained.”

“You amaze me with the breadth of choreography and artistry you achieve with young people from 6 to 18. Regardless of how many ribbons, trophies or awards your students take home, or don't, they are better human beings because of the time they spend with you. Thank you for all you do.”

“I want to simply 'thank you' for running such a superb dance studio. The Straub dancers excel in their execution of difficult choreography with appropriate dance moves and beautiful costumes befitting young ladies and gentlemen.”

“All the teachers at Straub are very good at teaching the basics, and technique, and pushing the girls to work hard and stick with it. I am very lucky to have my daughter dancing with you.”

“Thank you for using such classy, tasteful and appropriate outfits and music! We are so proud of Straub Dance Center!”

“We look forward to the recital each year and it gives us great joy to see our daughter, Caroline, and how great of a dancer she is becoming. We are very glad to be a part of the Straub family.”

“Kimberly has grown with class because of your wonderful leadership and instruction in her life. That we will always be grateful for.”

“Thank you for everything you do for Laura. She is a young lady who has blossomed a tremendous amount in all aspects of her life and I attribute that to the confidence she has gained since becoming a part of your Performing Arts Company.”

“I just wanted to tell you how impressive our first recital experience was. We were very happy to be a part of such a high quality dance program.”

“The Straub Community provides such an outstanding support system and sense of family, that it can hardly be compared!”