Dance Center Policies due to COVID-19

Due to the impacts of COVID-19 we recognize that there are many new procedures required to conform to social distancing requirements, the new State of Ohio mandates, and the need to maintain high cleanliness standards. We feel very blessed to have large dance rooms that can provide social distancing for our dancers.  Please review the following studio policies with your dancer and any adult who may be visiting the studio with your dancer.

General Studio Policies:

  • The waiting room, dressing rooms, kitchen, conference room, and drinking fountains are closed.
  • The goal is to limit the facility to dancers ONLY.
  • Dancers may enter the facility five minutes prior to the start of class.
  • Dancers will enter using the center front doors and exit the side doors after being dismissed by their teachers.
  • Once inside the building, the flow of students will be directed by staff members.
  • Students will wait six feet apart in the hallway as the dance room is being sanitized.
  • Straub will continue to be deep cleaned by professional cleaning staff daily and we will be following the State of Ohio mandates.
  • Classes will be dismissed five minutes early to allow the students to remove dance shoes, get clothes, shoes, and masks on before departing the building
  • The State of Ohio has mandated we eliminate all lost and found collection containers.  Please put your name in all belongings. We want to make sure each student is able to keep track of their belongings.
  • Everyone has to go to the sidewalk of the parking lot to be picked up.
  • Six foot by six foot boxes are marked on the dance floor to direct social distancing.
  • While the restroom will be open and cleaned as required, please ask your dancer to go to the restroom before coming to the dance center.
  • Parents need to take children’s temperature and evaluate their health every day before their arrival at the dance center.
  • If your child is sick or just not feeling well, please do not have them attend class.
  • If anyone in your home has been ill or shows any symptoms, please do not have your child attend class.
  • If anyone in your home is diagnosed with COVID 19, please notify Straub Dance Center immediately so we can notify our students and deep clean the facility
  • Waivers are signed upon completion of online registration.

Staff Policies:

  • Staff will adhere to stringent wellness standards by following all department of health guidelines.
  • Daily screening questions and temperature taking mandatory for all staff.
  • Staff with symptoms or a temperature of 100 degrees or higher will be sent home.
  • Staff will wear masks until they deem it impractical while maintaining social distancing.

Dancer Policies:

  • Dancers 12-up will wear masks to enter the building (optional for younger dancers).
  • Dancers may wear masks during class but are not required by the State of Ohio.
  • Social distancing must be maintained by students not wearing masks.
  • Dancers will wash hands or use sanitizer upon entry to the studio.
  • Dancers will wear dance attire to the studio (dress at home).
  • Dancers will prepare hair at home for class.
  • Dancers need to have one bag/backpack that will hold all of their belongings and fits into a two-foot by two-foot square.
  • Go to the restroom before coming to Dance Center or put masks on if going to the restroom.
  • Wear light cover-up when coming to SDC (shorts and t-shirt).
  • Wear street shoes that will fit into a dance bag.
  • Dancers may bring a labeled water bottle to dance.
  • Dancers will wait in the hall prior to class with six feet distance as rooms are being sanitized.
  • If a dancer spits, sneezes, etc., we will sanitize before class can resume.
  • We will not be doing lifts, or touching/ hand-holding in routines and will reevaluate this over time.
  • While we will be sanitizing ballet barres between each class, dancers are welcome to bring with them the cardboard from a roll of paper towels that is cut in half to use around the barres. They are welcome to decorate them with duct tape to make them special and will keep it in their own dance bag.
  • Dancers are advised to wash hands and feet upon returning home.

Additional Dance Center Policies

  • Please view CLASS DESCRIPTIONS for classroom attire requirements.
  • Hair should be neatly pulled back and jewelry kept to a minimum to decrease distraction.
  • Wear a cover-up when outside of the dance center.
  • Dance shoes should only be worn in the classroom.
  • Put your name on everything because the dance center is not responsible for lost items.  Please don’t bring expensive items to the studio.
  • To help keep the dance center clean, no food, drink, or gum is permitted.
  • No idling, parking, or waiting in the parking lot for the safety of students and pedestrians.