spring recital

The Spring Recital

The Straub Dance Center Spring Recital is an awesome celebration of dancer accomplishment! Dancers of all ages (including dancer dads!) are invited to participate in the recital. Nearly every class will have a beautiful costume that is age appropriate and made of quality material. Director, Mrs. Carole Straub hand selects costumes every year to best fit the children and assure that each dancer feels proud and confident on stage. Classes will each learn a routine that is conservatively choreographed to kid-friendly music and each dance typically performs during one recital performance. As a family-friendly business, you can rest assured that your dancer will never be inappropriately costumed or asked to perform inappropriately. As Mrs. Straub always says, “I wouldn’t want any Straub dancer to wear a costume that I wouldn’t want my grandchildren to wear!”

Dress Rehearsal - May 30 at Westerville South High School Recital - May 31 and June 1 at Westerville South High School

"I just want to give you all a huge thank you and congratulations! I had guests in from out of town that have never been to a recital before and relatives from in town that haven’t been to a recital since I danced - a long time ago. They were so impressed, as am I every year. I am so proud to tell people that my daughter is a Straub Dancer – you are a class act! Thank you again for another fantastic year."

"This has been a special year for us with it being our daughter's (Elizabeth) first year in competition (Jr Hip Hop). We enjoyed it so very much. We have met some great parents and Elizabeth has made some great friends. We are amazed by how much she has improved as a dancer. We are very proud to be a part of such a wonderful well-respected program. It cracks me up when my daughters (and now neighbor kids who also dance at Straub) play dance competition at our house hauling out all of their old recital costumes and running music off of an ipad. You have so many talented students but even better is that you are so good at developing kids who may not be natural dancers. My daughter is one that has to work at it. You all have inspired her so much. You have such a talented family and we appreciate you sharing your talents so much. We feel so lucky to live so close to such a wonderful dance studio."